Let's use a Japanese designer to give the value of a company and the product.

United Creative

Creative Director:Hidefumi Omine

We create a design from a total perspective.
United Creative conveys the essence of the message of
its design effectively and aims to reach in creating a "Branding design".

Creative contents
・Package design
・Company and product Branding
・Shop produce

・I worked as a designer in Tokyo and an advertising agency of Okinawa for approximately 20 years.

・The united creative establishment in 2006.
Art direction of a famous Resort hotels, graphic design, web product development, store produce widely.

have many prize for Okinawa advertisement.

We also have a qualification of the brand manager first grade.so, we can teach you the method to make a company and product branding.

I look forward to the work in foreign countries.
thank you!
E-mail: info@unitedc.jp
tel: 080-1755-7515

I have already forgotten it, but can speak English a little because I graduated from university of indiana,USA.